Hordes Mystery Box - Made to order

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The theme for this mystery box is hordes. You heard it here first folks. This box will revolve around certain hungry creatures and the people that fight them.


Some of the items you will receive are:

- a themed t-shirt designed by a local artist (so please select your size to get started)

- a mystery tech-related item

- some reading material (eg. a book, comic, or can of air-freshener for when you forget your phone on the toilet)

- a themed recipe card

- a snack

Please note: As these are a made to order item there may be an up to 6 week delay between order confirmation and shipping confirmation.

Due to the nature of mystery boxes, we will not issue a refund if you change your mind after seeing the contents of your box. If you are unhappy please contact us with your feedback as we are always looking to improve.

If there are any changes in pricing, you will be notified immediately.